Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated Hosting

If you are paying a hosting to company to host your web site you are on a shared server which is also simultaneously handling many, if not all, of their clients.  This has advantages (mainly price) as well as disadvantages (mainly control & performance).

If you are using a shared host you can never have full control over your server's access, security and performance.  The solution to these drawbacks is to have your own dedicated server.  The drawback to your own server is that they can be complex to setup and maintain.  We can offer you the best of both by setting up and optionally maintaining your dedicated server for you.

Dedicated Server Hardware

At one point the busiest web server in the world was a single 200 MHz Pentium  supporting 6,000 connections, and capable of transferring more than 30 terabytes a month.  You can give us any existing PC that you have and we will load it with the most efficient UNIX operating system and software packages.  We can also build a new high end server from scratch for you.

Dedicated Server Software

Because your server is dedicated just to you and your needs, the software will always be EXACTLY what you require.  If you choose to use an established shopping cart software package that requires an old database, no problem.  If you decide on a newer shopping cart that requires the lasted and greatest software, again no problem.  Since you are the only user of the server you get to decide what software you use.  We can install & configure any software that you require.

Dedicated Server Network

Your dedicated web server must be connected to the internet for it to be accessible by others.  Technically this can be at your office or even your home, but these connections usually have slow upload speeds which could affect your web site performance.  The solution is to place your server in a data center with an Internet backbone connection.  We can place your server in a secure data center attended 24/7/365 with complete power backup and seven separate gigabit Internet connections which virtually assures complete up-time, if one internet connection goes down your internet traffic is instantly routed over one of the other six connections.